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Welcome to the internet meeting place for hundreds of classic Glastron owners from around the world. Whether you own a classic '57 Fireflite or future classic '84 Scimitar with T-tops and power seats, this is the site for YOU!   And of course you can always browse the huge amount of resources and images from the menu below. Chapters are forming. Please consider volunteering to head up a chapter in your area. Don't worry about overlap. That's rare. Just remember that CGOA is not liable for any risks entailed at meets. Boat safe. There's lots of interest in holding meets and get-togethers.  If you're not interested in being a chapter president you could help if you have some knowledge or old literature to share.


Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in world events. You must be saved to enter heaven. Good deeds doesn't do it. Only making Jesus your Lord and Savior. Unsure of your future? Want real peace? Want real hope? Jesus saved me and I know I have a great (as in forever and blissful ) future.  It's all true, you just have to seek and ask. Here are some links

Above: President Lyndon Johnson entertaining guests in in his new 1965 V-204 Gulfstream. This custom built Glastron had several special features. It also had the Mercruiser 310 horsepower with the rare 409 motor. This highly documented boat is now owned by myself. See more from the 50th Anniversary Dealers Convention. Read more about this boat's history and its current restoration in progress. And check this little video of LBJ driving his Glastron. .Check out scenes from the 50th Anniversary Dealers Convention from 2005 in Austin Texas. You can also see this boat in the new Glastron 50th anniversaryvideo on their website.

 "For God so love the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life" Learn more.


Salute! Let's take time to again say thanks to Glastron founder Bob Hammond and his right hand man and marine industry pioneer in his own right, Bill Gaston. I'm happy to report both are still doing well and still live in the Austin area. Bob was recently honored by the National Marine Marketers Association in its Innerport publication. A highlight is the interview posted there where Bob and his wife Bettye answer some fascinating questions. Here's the link and the interview starts about page 12 and note the jump from page 14 to 18.

Have you noticed the growing movement of interest in non-wood classic boats? The man most instrumental in the entire non-wood classic boat movement is Mr. Lee Wangstad. You might know him from his former monthly "Classic Boat" article in Boating World magazine that highlights almost exclusively classic non-wood boats. He also has an occasional article in Classic Boating magazine and the ACBS Rudder magzine.  Lee is out there doing some of the real work of this hobby. His research has taken him to interview many of the original people involved in the formative years of many fiberglass and aluminum boat companies while these pioneers are still with us. Check out some of his articles entitled "Classic Glass" on the net at his ACBS chapter site: www.acbs-bslol.com  Look for "Classic Glass".  Lee would eventually like to start compiling these great histories into a book. Wouldn't that be great!

For factory information contact the very friendly Glastron Customer Service Department headed by the helpful Jerome Haggerty   Many thanks to the great people at Glastron. They have been very helpful and supportive and graciously provided a link to this site on their site. Please  visit their site linked above and help promote new Glastron boats to everyone. You can even buy a new Glastron and keep your classic too! Genmar and Glastron have no responsibility or liability for any information within the CGOA website.


Please be careful when boating

In light of tragedies and the always present dangers of boating, please be careful when boating. Arrange to help the driver watch all around. Tell about other approaching boats and other potential dangers. Your help as a passenger is invaluable, even if you tell the driver about a boat or hazard he already sees. Several times I've asked my passengers to help like this and been surprised by a boat that was pointed out to me that I didn't see.


Always wear a properly fastened life jacket even when your boat is at rest. You never know when the other guy might hit you. Leave your egos at the shore. What point is it to blaze from one point to another at a dangerous speed? You're not running late to anything. Fallen skiers, jet-skis, barely submerged logs and stumps and other hazards can easily be unseen until it's too late. If you want to go fast or race please do so in an organized and prepared function with proper planning. There are some fine organizations that hold poker runs and other races. Even then there is still a danger with going very fast. If you have family that needs you and loves you, be smart and weigh the risks. And never never let the driver drink alcohol. It's best if the passengers don't either so they can be sharp and help the driver. It's natural to relax when you're going boating and drop your guard. Don't do it. You can still have a good time and be safe too. Happy Boating!

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