1957 Glastron


An original unrestored 1957 Fireflite with metal sidespears.


There were only two models for 1957.  They were the Fireflite and the Surflite which was a basic fishing/utility version of the Fireflite.  Please see the History section for info. on the early Glastrons.

See more on where to find identification tags on the '57 Glastrons in the "Identifying Glastrons" section.
After corresponding to Bob Hammond I've learned a few tidbits about why some '57 Glastrons have the
metal sidespears and some don't and why some have the metal emblems and some have mylar stickers.
Bob thinks that the metal emblems weren't ready when the first '57s were produced and the mylar stickers were used until the metal emblems were ready. The metal sidespears were dropped later in the production run to keep costs down. Glastron produced 25 boats in 1956, all of which were '57 model Fireflites and Surflites. In 1957 902 boats were produced, some of which were '58 models. Bob Hammond informs me that by August of each year the following year's models were already being built. 7 of 12 months would equal 58 percent, but allowing that sales increased at a strong rate from the beginning I'd have to assume that the '58 models produced would account for at least half of the 902 units built in 1957.
This would total production of '57 models at less than 500 and of those probably less than 400 were Fireflites. Of the '57 Fireflites I've seen at least half are models without the sidespears.

Therefore, any '57 model would be a low production number and judging by the registry listings if you find a '57 you'll be lucky.