1969 Glastron-Carlsons
Thanks to Lee Wangstad I now have what was to me a "missing link" in the history
of how Carlson High Performance Boats became associated with Glastron. I
originally thought that Carlson joined with Glastron and that 1969 was an empty year due to the transition. I now have the proof that wasn't the case. Here is the
1969 Glastron-Carlson catalog. You'll notice that it resembles the prior year Carlson
catalogs quite a bit. However, with the '69 catalog you will notice that the Glastron logo has been added. It was also just an "addition" on the boats themselves. The Carlson logos are the same, but a Glastron logo has been added.

14-1/2' Contender       16' Challenger       19' Corinthian