1970 Glastron-Carlsons

Glastron-Carlsons within the '70 catalog

The famous Glastron-Carlson Molinaris debut in 1970.

The above page in the '70 catalog reads:

"In 1968 Glastron signed an exclusive agreement with Angelo Molinari of Como, Italy to
manufacture his designs in this country. These exciting boats have won the European
Chanpionship for the past several years and are now revolutionizing racing in this
country. They, along with the Carlson CV15, are available only to qualified enthusiasts
for racing and assist us in our continuing effort to explore all types of hull design.
The Molinari 2+2 Sport Runabout is a direct descandent of this famous design directed
toward the experienced boatman who wants superior high speed performance.

All Molinari and Carlson designs are produced in our moderen Carlson Division plant
in Anaheim California. This company is acknowledged in the industry as bringing
the art of custom fiberglass fabrication to its highest degree"

70 Glastron-Carlsons continued