2005 Glastron Dealers Convention

50th Anniversary Celebration

A great time was had by all at the recent 50th anniversary Glastron Dealers Convention. Above, Glastron founder Bob Hammond stands beside president LBJ's 1965 V-204 Gulfstream. Bob delivered the boat to LBJ in the summer of 1965 and spent the day on the boat with LBJ, Chief Supreme Court justice William O. Douglas, Supreme Court justice Abe Fortas, presidential advisor and 35+ year president of the Motion Picture Association of America Jack Valenti, Secretary of the Interior Stuart Udall, 2 Secret Service agents and others. A blowup poster of LBJ in his boat is displayed at the rear of the boat. I acquired the LBJ boat 2 months before the meet and managed to get it shined up fairly well for the meet.

 Here (from l to r) are Jesse Gonzalez (longest ever serving Glastron employee from nearly the beginning and still employed at time of this meet), Glastron co-founder Bill Gaston, Glastron founder Bob Hammond, current Glastron president with quite a tenure himself, Bruce Sargent. Bruce is from Lampassas Texas. They are standing in front of the first Glastron built, a red and white 1957 Fireflite.

More shots of LBJ's Glastron   More shots from the meet