Famous and Custom Glastrons

 Above: Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson entertaining visitors in a 1961 Seaflite. See more about LBJ and the Glastron he owned as president.Click.

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This is a single view of what appears to be a GT-150 making a jump in the '77 movie Outlaw Blues


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Here's Miss America (1957 or 1958) Marilyn Van Derbur driving a '58 Glastron!!

James Bond - Live and Let Die   The Batboat    James Bond - Moonraker

Elvis Presley's Glastron     See Eric Licht's amazing turbine powered Carlson!!

Glastrons were seen in many famous movies and owned by many famous people.
I am looking for more movies with Glastrons and any unusual or special pictures with Glastrons.
Here are some movies that might have Glastrons in them. Please let me know if you learn anything.
Thanks. "Twin Dragons" with Jackie Chan. The Disney film "Boatniks" from 1977,  "Gator" with Burt Reynolds. "Weekend at Bernies"
The 1977 movie "Outlaw Blues" with Peter Fonda and Susan St. James features several Glastrons.

There was a Royal family Christmas card in the '60s I believe that showed them gathered
around a Glastron. Does anyone have any leads on getting a copy of that?