Bill Gaston, Glastron's Business Genius

Bill Gaston was already deeply and successfully established in the boating industry in 1956
when he hooked up with Bob Hammond and helped found the great Glastron company. Bill's
marketing savvy was uncanny. Just look at the showroom he created in the picture above. Located
at an ideal intersection in Austin Texas, his 2 story showroom with full glass windows worked
like a charm. In Glastron's first year, Bill wanted to get the new Glastron into the all-important
anual industry show. All the spaces were full. Bill struck up a deal with a trailer manufacturer
who had a display at the show and a new Glastron was placed on one of the trailers. It drew big crowds
and was a big hit and helped the trailer folks too. At another time Bill took a new Glastron on a trailer
behind his car and headed out on a tour of many dealers spread across a region. When he was done
he had many of them signed on as new Glastron dealers. Genius, pure genius. No wonder Glastron grew
so big so fast. Way to go, Bill!

The picture of Bill and his lovely wife was taken right around 1961.