One Nation Under God
Vs. 1
The time has come to face the fact,
we haven't done our part,
our children walk around in pain,
we haven't touched their hearts,
We've left them to their own device,
we say "They'll be alright,"
but how're they gonna' find the path,
if we don't shine the light?

Vs. 2
What's your values mom and dad,
where you coming from?
different strokes for different folks,
go out and find your own.
There was a time when white was white
and black was black not gray,
so what is so important
that we throw our kids away?

Our TVs and our memberships?
Our fortune and our fame?
The sacrifices that we say we make
in Heavens name?
They'll still be time, some other time,
they'll have to understand,
but someone's waiting for them now who
has a different plan.....

There's a dark cloud over the children of
One Nation Under God,
their road is getting longer
than the road their fathers trod,
They face a lot more danger...
they see so much more anger...
There's a dark cloud over the children of
One Nation Under God.


The world that we have given them
is not the one we knew,
there's danger on the streets
is there no help from me and you?
We can't ignore the warning signs
we can't let them slip through,
there's just too much at stake my friend
so what are we to do?

Vs. 5
Parents teach your children
Teachers teach them too,
give the ones God gave to you
the gifts he gave you too,
Teach them right is right no
matter what the world may say,
show them you believe it's true
they'll be like you someday.

Chorus. 2
You can drive away the dark clouds
let His light come shining through,
teach them Gods love every day
`cause they believe in you,
Just be the guide that you should be...
their teachers, and then we will see...
a bright sky over the children of
One Nation Under God.

He's given you the children of…
"One Nation Under  God."

                                                                 Jim Blasdell