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Chapter Information Page

President, Classic Glastron Owners Association
Todd Kimball

Vice President, Classic Glastron Owners Association
& Pennslyvania state chapter president
Mike Strunk

Europe Chapter, president: Cor Baarda of Netherlands

Michigan Chapter, president: Robert Lemrie

North Dakota Chapter, President Darin Leopold

Oklahoma Chapter, president: OleRed,  Michael Howard - Administrator

Pennsylvania Chapter, president Michael Strunk

Minnesota Chapter

Iowa Chapterr


Texas Chapter - Philip Vaughan



CGOA is not responsible for any mishaps at meets held by individual chapters. Association is by name only and chapter presidents should get signed waivers from attendees at meets to protect themselves.

In memory of Ray Crow
At every meet we had here in Texas Ray was there. At the last one I was at, I was the only one who showed up, but we had a great time swimming and talking and exploring Lake Bryan in Bryan Texas. A true gentleman Ray was. And most crucial in regards to the eternity we all will enter after this life, Ray entered heaven through Jesus, the only way to God and heaven. It hurts to lose Ray, but a comfort to know he is in a perfect place and will be there forever. Those who know Jesus will be at that grand reunion and we will see Ray again. My deepest condolences to Ray's family. Ray served as Texas chapter president and in memory of Ray all future meets will honor Ray in name.