Glastron GTs

The Glastron GTs were born in 1968 when the new GT-160 was introduced
along with the new Aqualift II hull, Glastron's wonderful version of the trihull. The GT-160 was built again in 1969 with only some cosmetic changes, but was dropped for 1970. There were no GTs in 1970, but the hot new Glastron-Carlsons, introduced in 1969, were catching on.

1971 saw 3 GTs. Two were all new: the GT-160 and GT-150.
The GT-143 Jetflite was the V-143 Jetflite given the  GT name. The Jetflite had been around since 1961.

All new GT-150 above

Top catalog photo: new '71 GT-160  would have a 5 year run ('71-'75) and remain virtually unchanged
for those years. It's most distinctive feature is its pronounced spoiler tail.
Bottom catalog photo:  '71 GT-143 Jetflite

In 1973 the James Bond movie "Live and Let Die" was released and including one of the most exciting
boat chases ever in a movie. All boats used were Glastrons and the main boat Bond was driving was the
'73 GT150. Read "moore" about it here.

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