How to find out which Glastron you have

Rule #1:  Identification must be visual. We get many requests to help identify mystery Glastrons that include serial numbers and word descriptions. While well intentioned these rarely give us enough to help identify your boat. If you can't get a picture into your computer and deliver it to us it will be very tough if not impossible to identify your boat. If you can't get a picture to us you can probably visually identify your boat yourself by scanning first the "Identifying Glastrons" section and then "The Years" section and find your boat as it is listed in original catalogs and brochures.

Rule #2:  Please don't overload me, the president. I love to help, but the club has gotten really big and many more able people, including me, will join in helping you if you post your request to the message board.  I really wish I could still handle each such request personally, but the load has gotten too big.

Rule #3:  Love your Glastron! Restore your Glastron so it looks as good as it does in the original catalog images. Many people have successfully used the catalog images to restore their classic Glastron to its original glory. Even before your Glastron is restored you can still join up with your local chapter and show off your Glastron just as it is too.

All email requests that I now get will be replied to with the following form email. I apologize being unable to personally research each request, but the growth of the site and club has led to so many needs that I can't handle them all any more. But that's what the club is about.... helping each other. And with the added help of other members helping identify your Glastron, you will get your answer much quicker.


Thanks for contacting the Classic Glastron Owners Association. This is my form letter that I send as the first step in helping identify your Glastron. I wasn't able to identify your boat on sight, so the next step is to refer you to my instruction page for identifying mystery Glastrons. The club and site have grown a tremendous amount lately and unfortunately I am now unable to handle all the many individual requests personally as I once did. But take heart; we will get your boat identified and provide any other help that you may need to the best of our ability.

If you have a picture, that you may have already sent me here, that will help a lot and is the best way to start in identifying your boat. If your boat was built around 1973 or later your hull identification number stamped into the back of the boat will have  the last 2 digits of the year of manufacturer near the end of the longer H.I.N. For example, if you have a number: 1 3 2 2 M N 8 4 2 L Z 7 5 X    the 75 almost at the end will indicate that you have a 1975 model. If you have a picture (more than one is even better) and even this number if your boat is a later model, it will go a long way in identifying your Glastron down to the exact year and model. And hopefully you will scan the posted catalog brochures before going any further. You can often identify your Glastron all by yourself.

Follow the link below to the ID instruction page and from there you will be referred to the message board where you will then be able to post a message with the best clues in helping identify your boat

Please be patient as some folks only visit the message board every 2 or 3 days; but rest assured someone will recognize your boat. I will also be personally involved in the process and in many cases will be the one to identify your boat from my many Glastron resources. It's just that through emails I'm not able to get the help of all members and I'm a lot more likely to lose your request in my busy shuffle.

And while you're at it, have you joined the club? It's free and all I ask in return for helping you with your boat.

Go here now to the "Identifying your Glastron" instruction page.

So good luck and God bless, and by all means enjoy your wonderful Glastron!

Best regards,
Todd Kimball
Classic Glastron Owners Association