Identifying Glastrons
See serial number information at bottom.

1957 - 1959
2  1957 models 
 1957, 1958 & 1959 Glastrons all have fins in the back and look a lot alike. The key to telling them apart is looking at them from the side. The finned area of the '57 has a tall area of the fin that is colored as the upper deck. See the 1957 section of the site for more info. and about the metal sidespears and emblems.

Above is a '58 Glastron. You can see how the colored upper deck area of the rear fin is not as tall as
the '57. A large silver side panel is new and reaches forward past the center of the boat and comes to a point in the front. At the rear most part of the fins the colored part comes to a point and hangs over past the transom. Almost every '58 Glastron you come across will be of this design. The Surflite, Seaflite, Inboard and Fireflite will have this. The Skiflite is slightly different and there is also a canoe and a fishing boat. See the 1958 section of the site to see all models.

Above is a '59 Seaflite. Like the '58s, most of the '59 models had the same basic hull styling.
Very little was changed for 1959. The most noticable change is the new treatment of the silver side panel.
The forward part of the panel now stops behind the midpoint of the hull at a straight angled cast piece.
The forward pointing molded in ''C'' shape can still be seen forward of the new cast piece, but it is now hull color. See the 1959 section of the site for more information.

1957, 1958 & 1959 Glastrons all had these emblems on the hull with the exception of some '57 models which had mylar stickers with the same logo.  The boat logos were  chrome plated and had a wide band underlining the letters. This band contains STANDARD GLASS PRODUCTS INC., AUSTIN TEX.

1957 emblem with chrome plating gone.

1959 emblem with letter ''l'' gone but showing nice original chrome plating.
Some came with a sticker below the emblem like the '59 emblem above with the broken off ''l''.
The sticker below the emblem reads:      DESIGN PATENT PENDING

The following pictures show the location of the paper I.D. tag on '57 models which is underneath the rear deck and faces downward toward the bilge.

1957                                                                                                                1957

Although the tags were covered with clear resin, the areas that were filled in probably by hand with a pen are faded and can't be read. The printed part of the tag reads:


Model _________________________  Ser. No. _______________________


1958 through 1962 Glastrons seem to have had serial numbers stamped into the rubrail at the rear of the boat. See the section on deciphering serial numbers at the end of the next page.

continued   '60 thru '88