Identifying Glastrons at a glance
See serial number information at bottom.

1960 - 1963

Glastrons were under constant pressure to keep changing designs due to so many knock offs being made like the Redfish Shark. The '60 models were definitely a change. Only a hint of fins remainded. The bows and almost all other parts of the hull were more rounded and streamlined looking. Most models had a rocket shape on the hullside like the 18ft. Bayflite above. Upper decks were solid colors of blue, red, black and white. See the 1960 section of the site for more.

For 1960, 1961, 1962 and 1963 the lettering and size on the emblems appear the same, but apparently the underlining band was removed. The logo on the white background is on a '61 Jetflite. Notice
that written in small letters in the lightning bolt that crosses the ''t'' are the two plant locations:
AUSTIN TEXAS and MADISON IND. with an ''R'' trademark in the middle.

From the 1961 models forward the model line becomes much more diverse and you will have to scan the individual years sections to find a particular model. Several '61 models were nearly identical to '60s, but the upper decks received a new 2 tone color treatment for 1961. Also in '61 the Jetflite was introduced and more tall-sided utility style models were added. See more on in the 1961 section of the site.

1962 models and 1963 models saw even more utility styled models and the introduction of the sterndrive. The AquaLift hull was introduced in 1963, so if you see any mention of AquaLift on a Glastron you know it is '63 or later. Any sterndrive Glastron you see will be '62 or later. '63 or later if it's a Mercruiser. A new inboard came out '62 through '64; the Saberflite.

From here forward only the side emblems will be studied.
The model lines become so diverse by the early '60s that to identify any specific model you must study
each individual year's section.


I have talked with several '64 Glastron owners and theirs are in some respects the easiest and hardest to identify. This is the case because in '64 there was a one year use of a sticker logo. No metal, no plastic, no rivets, no rivet holes. A very distinctive change in the letter "G" is seen and the cross of the letter "t" no longer has the Z shape and is a straight bar. On some models there were two smaller additional words below the big Glastron. I think they said: Austin Texas. What can make '64s difficult to identify is when the stickers are completely gone. However, since stickers were used there will be no rivet or screw holes like there would be with chrome or plastic logos.

1965 & 1966

1965 saw the switch to plastic logos. The word Glastron is the same, but it is now of plastic
and stands up an 1/8th inch or so. Apparently the plastic is white with the letters black.There is also the return of additional lettering below the big Glastron letters. This is probably the start of the crossed flags and the touting of the new Aqua Lift hull.  Some 1966 boats have turned up with the logo below, apparently in a mid-year switch.


This new design was featured in 1966 literature and *some 1966 boats.
Notice the new "G". It was so proudly hailed that a giant illuminated G  sign was created and placed above the entrance to the factory main office in Austin TX.


 The '70s came out with a logo that took the big G even further. The entire logo became a giant G with the word Glastron inside. These are being available from Glastron and are AVAILABLE through your local
Glastron dealer.

1977 - 1988? or beyond

I have catalogs of every year up to 1988 and it appears that this emblem was used
on Glastrons from 1977 through 1988 and possibly beyond. Please contact me if you
have further information. Thanks.

Glastron Serial Numbers

Apparently some Glastrons had serial numbers stamped
into the rubrail at the back of the boat. It seems that '58 models thru '62 models had this. Later models had
tags either mounted somewhere in the interior of the boat or in the splashwell.

As seen on many Glastrons, tags were placed in the splashwell.
This led to lots of things taking over the area once belonging to the tag.

From  a letter from Glastron:  "During the 60's, Glastron HIN's had six digits, and the the third
 number from the left was the year. If the hull number on the outside of the transom is missing
 or not legible, try looking on the underside of the dash near the steering column...There
 often was a hidden one there. "

"Boats that were manufactured from 1970 - 1973 carried a seven digit number. The fourth
       number from left indicates the year of manufacture. "

 In 1973, Glastron starting using letters (GLA...) in the Hull Numbers.
Prior to that, the  early 70's were just seven numbers, with the fourth number from the left being the year
 (4322414 would be 1972). Starting in 1973 we were required to use prefixes.
       Using the prefix you can determine the location the boat was built. Then
       the seven digit  id number will follow. A single letter and 2 or 3 more numbers which will tell
       you the year of manufacture. These procedures are in accordance with coast guard federal

Note that from 1973 forward hull ID numbers were stamped into the rear of the boat. This was federally
required for all '73 and later boats. This is good because the number will always be there and easily read in most cases.

You can contact the factory Customer Service representative  Jerome Haggerty for more help with serial numbers
and other factory information