Judges Scoring Guidelines
Classic Non-wood Craft


• Deck and hull seams: 10 points maximum - Are surfaces smooth and fair and free from crazing, blisters, cracks or gouges?
    Consistent thickness of gelcoat or other coatings? (no glass fibers seen at the surface)
• Hull to deck fastening: 3 points maximum - Is the original mechanical and chemical attachment in good repair?
• Transom: 3 points maximum - Is the transom top edge in good condition? Evidence of delamination? Are through
   transom penetrations properly repaired and sealed?
• Framing: 4 points maximum - Is the interior framing, whether fiberglass, wood or other materials, in good repair? Are fiberglass
   encased wood members free from deterioration? Is the structural floor in good condition?
• Bottom: (to be used on land display only) 2 points maximum - Is the bottom fair and of original configuration? Is the keel in good
  repair, without gouges? Are there any cracks, splits or discoloration in the gelcoat?
• Authenticity of vessel’s materials: 3 points maximum. Is the vessel a well-maintained original or an approximation with modern

All finishes, except on instruments and hardware

• Surface coatings, gelcoat, paint or other: 10 points maximum - Correct original color? Luster and gloss? Are there any runs, drips,
  dust or peeling? Are two tone paint schemes distinct and crisp? Are metal hulls and decks bright and free of corrosion? Is the finish
• Waterline and/or striping: 3 points maximum - Even and straight, appropriate width? Original configuration?
• Bottom: 2 Points maximum - Is gelcoat, paint or coating of correct color? Is it clean? Chipping, peeling or otherwise unsightly?


All hardware and fittings, including instruments and plating

• Cockpit instruments and switches: 4 points maximum - Originality, appropriateness? Fit, finish, and neatness? Gauges properly
   placed and functional? Gauge faces correct with no pitting, fading or scratches?
• Steering wheel and column: 2 points maximum - Original wheel type? Condition? Color correct? Finish quality?
• Throttle and shift lever: 2 points maximum - Correct placement? Finish quality?
• Deck Hardware: 6 points maximum - Originality, appropriateness, condition, type and correct placement? Finish luster, shine,
   peeling? Mounting neatness and fit? Appropriate fasteners, type, size, quality and appearance? Screws seated straight, flush and
• Hull Hardware: 2 points maximum - Cutwater (if applicable), rub rails, screws, originality, condition, finish quality?
• Flag poles, burgees, ensigns, lights and globes: 2 points maximum - Correct age, size, placement, operability, fit and finish,

Construction of interior decks, seats, cabin sides & tops, bulkheads & upholstery

• Seating and cushions: 10 points maximum - Original factory type or similar? Original seat pattern? Appropriate replacement?
  Workmanship, neatness, color, appropriate sewing pattern and filling? 3 pt deduction for use of foam instead of kapoc, 2 pt
  deduction, no springs (where appropriate), 3 pt wrong material, 2 pt workmanship.
• Dash: 2 points maximum - Varnish/fabric finish? Color? Condition?
• Side panels, deilings and crash pads: 6 points - Original pattern, color and material? Fit, condition, and finish? Appropriate
   replacement? Original fasteners?
• Flooring: 2 points maximum - Correct material, pattern, and fit? Condition?

Propulsion equipment and related components, except instruments

• Original or original type engine: no mandatory deduction.
• Modern engine or any engine totally out of character with age of boat: 10 point mandatory deduction
• Replacement engine (for inboards) other model than originally offered, but no longer in production OR (for outboards) — an
   engine not within or near before or one year after boat manufacture: 5 point mandatory deduction for correctness
• Original engine or replacement engine of the same type offered: no mandatory deduction.
• Wiring: 2 points maximum - Original type? Correct terminals/connectors? Neat, properly fastened wire looms and runs?
• Accessories and exhaust: 2 points maximum - Condition of exhaust, original type? Starter and generator original to engine model?
   Correct color?
• Battery appearance and mounting: 3 point maximum - Battery and battery boxes rigged correctly? Voltage change?
• Engine compartment: 3 point maximum - Appropriate cleanliness, neatness, finish quality? Correct color?