Glastron Memorabilia
Here are some Glastron items fun to look at

A nice late '50s bow pennant

A late '60s to early '70s bumper sticker
I have another bumper sticker I'll scan and get up soon.

A 20th anniversary belt buckle made in Garland Texas

Here's a design model confirmed to be real by Mel Whitley, who made it himself.
          Mel was Bob Hammond's right hand man and fellow designer from Glastron's beginnings.
        What's so special about this model is that it was a proposed 1959 inboard model that was never
      produced. It is owned by Lee Wangstad who kindly provided the picture. It is poised atop a vintage
                 Evinrude outboard cowl to show the scale of its 39" of length. Thanks Lee.

Late '60s to early '70s tie pin

Late '60s to early '70s lighter

And check out this special piece of history picked up at a Batboat display in 1966 by
                  Lee Wangstad. He got a few and graciously donated one to this site. Thanks Lee.

More to come!    Send in any additions...please.