James Bond's "Moonraker" 1979

Any Glastron fan, or James Bond fan for that matter, should see the 1979 film Moonraker.
The boat that James Bond drives in the 1979 movie "Moonraker" (above) is a 1978 or 1979 CV23HT
"HT" is for hardtop. The '78 and '79 models sold to the general public came in either metalflake blue or metalflake bronze. Special CV23HTs were produced for the movie in a silver gray metalflake.
CV23s were introduced in 1976, but the hardtop model was new for 1978. It would return only for 1979, probably because of the release of the new hardtop Scimitar.
The CV23 non-hardtop would continue a successful run all the way through at least 1988.
The boat in the movie is sometimes mistaken for the Scimitar (see pic at far bottom for comparison) ; but upon closer inspection it becomes clear that this is the CV23HT. The most obvious differences are the large hatch in front of the windshield and the high bowrail encircling the front half of the boat. Also, the CV23HT has a 2 piece (both flat)windshield and the Scimitar has a single piece curved windshield.

1978 Glastron CV23HT

Moonraker customized CV23HT seen from above

There were 3 boats that chased Bond's CV23HTin the movie. They were 1978 SSV-189 models.

'78 SSV-189 from '78 Glastron catalog

Below: 1980 Scimitar

More Scimitars

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