What are the rarest and most collectible Glastrons?

1966 Models
Look at the picture of the '66 Jetflite and you can see that it has a cool console that slopes down from the front deck between the front seats. I know that about 3 years of Jetflites had this and these should make a more special model of Jetflite since Jetflites last all the way into the early '70s. Number of models is many in '66 and it's one of my favorite years of Glastrons. The 2 tone color schemes are all beautiful and the sterns of all models have moved away from the "flat wall" look of earlier models. The Bayflite Stern Drive
is a good example of this with its fabulous looking stern. Even the large models have adopted this more stylish look that probably has a lot to do with why early Glastron styling is so fondly remembered. I predict that nearly any '66 model will be a top pick for future collectors.

1967 Models
In 1967 the bowrider craze hit and hit hard. There are very few bowriders that will ever be future top collectibles. They will be collectibles, but not top collectibles. From '67 models forward there are many many bowrider Glastron trihulls still all around us. Some of these are beautiful, well maintained or restored examples that are very special boats and special to their owners, but as of today maybe only the '68 GT-160 could be considered a more popular collectible. The color schemes in '67 are toned way down and only the white Jetflite with its new split windshield & black racing stripes I'd consider a hot collectible.

1968 Models
The Vagabond campers are introduced in 1968 and these are sought after today for their ingenious design. They are like an open bow, but have berth space underneath. The first Glastron GT, the GT-160 is introduced in '68 and is a popular collectible today with it's the neat placement of the helm and windshield far aft. Green colors are plentiful in '67 and on through '69 and, like classic cars, green remains less popular with collectors. The Jetflite is still around and basically unchanged.

1969 Models
Bowriders and green colors abound again in 1969. Great boats, but not hot collectibles.
The real news for 1969 is the coming of the Glastron/Carlsons. These are hot hot hot. Find one of these and grab it. Some of the rarest and unique of all Glastron/Carlsons, these will have both the separate Carlson and Glastron badges on them.

The union of Glastron and Carlson happened so fast and they were introduced so fast that combined Glastron-Carlson emblems were not ready yet. And, actually, these were completely Carlson boats that existed before the union.

1970 Models
Molinari Racing boats are advertised in the '70 catalog and can be found and would be a special rare boat to restore and show. You couldn't take the family on it, but these and the Carlson CT-15 would be super collectibles. And of course all Carlson models are hot. There is a Molinari 2+2 runabout advertised, but I've heard this never made it into production. If you found one it would shock a lot of people. Check out the V-214 Vagabond. This picture shows off the neat stern ladder and the bow which has seating as well as berth room below it. The green colors are gone and all models have a neater look than the late '60s models. Even the Jetflite has a hotter color scheme.

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