What are the rarest and most collectible Glastrons?

Remember that like cars, boats that are the most rare are not always the most desirable or collectible.
With older cars sometimes the station wagon model was produced in lesser quantities than the convertible, but the convertible will always be much more desirable and collectible. Color is another factor. Red boats, and cars too for that matter, will always be the most desirable, whereas green will be least desirable. And like anything else collectible, condition means a great deal. If your classic Glastron, no matter what model, is in beautiful condition it will make nearly anyone who sees it fall in love with it. If it looks like that and you're trying to sell it, all it takes is for that one special buyer to fall deeply in love with it and then you might collect a very nice price for it.

Before beginning any restoration - please study the Antique & Classic Boating Society judging guidelines.
You might not ever enter your boat in an ACBS show, but someone down the line might.

Models not specifically pointed out below are still collectible and great boats. Please don't be disheartened if your boat is not recognized below. There are thousands and thousands of Glastrons built in the '60s, '70s and beyond still all around us and the vast majority will only fetch a value that is for the boat itself with no classic value added for now. Keep in mind that as time passes these boats will become more and more desirable and when that happens values will go up. I hope this site leads to the increased desire for older classic Glastrons. More will be saved and restored and the value of yours will go up too. 

The rarest Glastron of course is the first one made, the original prototype. As far as I know it was reaquired by Glastron from a private Larson museum in February 2001 along with a Falls Flyer and both are now hanging on display in the new Glastron/Larson VEC plant in Little Falls Minnesota. To a collector this would be the rarest AND most desirable Glastron.

1957 Models
The next rarest I think would be a production '57 Surflite. But since it was a stripped version of the Fireflite,  the Fireflite is more desirable, although anyone should be proud to own a '57 Surflite.  Approximately 400 '57 Fireflites and 100 '57 Surflites were built. More than half of the '57 Glastrons (only 5 so far) that I've come across are models that were produced without the metal side spears and of those with side spears there were many that had mylar Glastron emblems on the side. Those were used while waiting on the metal emblems that weren't ready for the beginning of production. So if you find one with both the spears and metal emblems consider yourself lucky. And of course, the first year model of any classic line holds extra value.

1958 Models
The next rarest would probably be some of the canoes or fishing boats produced in 1958, but again, these are not as desirable as the '58 17 foot inboard. I have heard of only one unconfirmed '58 inboard, the only inboard Glastron made until 1962. I'd have to rank it very close to the '57 Glastron Fireflites in  desirability and certainly it is equally, if not more rare. Of the '58 models, it is always ideal to have the rare hardtop, which was an option.  In general, the '58 hardtop is preferred over the '59 top for its bubble-top styling. A seldom seen and apparently more rare '58 model is the Skiflite. The fins were more subtle, but the classic lines make this model a sleeper in my opinion. It also has a lower cut sporty windshield too.

1959 Models
As for 1959 models, I have only seen three 1959 Seaflite Seville Cruisers. Probably less than 500 of these were made, if that many. These are very unique and had more differences from the standard Seaflite as one might think. In almost every case regarding classic cars or boats, red is the most desirable color when it was available originally. I have seen blue and white '59 Seville Cruisers, but have yet to see a red and white one as seen in the factory sales literature.  Find one of those and you will have a very special Glastron. Of course the blue and white models are very rare and special too. As for the other '59 models, the finned Fireflite and Surflite hardtops are very desirable.


1960 Fireflite with optional hardtop
1960 Models
Kind of like '55, '56 & '57 Chevy's are much more popular than '58 or '59 models, fans of 1960 Glastrons
are fewer in number than those who prefer the '57, '58 & '59 models, but '60 models really grow on you if you let them. Many think the '60s have  the best hardtop ever put on an early Glastron; and the fact that it can be raised by hand to ease in boarding is an even bigger plus. I usually prefer early Glastrons in red, but this black and white Fireflite with the gold accents is an awesome boat. Also new for '60 was the big 18ft. Bayflite. With twin outboards and the neat hardtop, this would be a good find too.

1960 Bayflite Cruisette

1961 Models
1961 models were very similar to 1960 models with more 2 tone schemes for the upper decks. The biggest
thing to come along in the early '60s was the '61 14 ft. Jetflite. It was small and sporty, like a sports car for the water. With their neat red on white paint scheme and fast hull, these are a rare and super find. The Jetflite became an all time favorite Glastron and this first year model is a suggested find. It is also the very first Glastron with the now famous (and patented) hullside color scheme with the rear pointing "V". Also new in 1961 were some classic utility hull designs such as the Crestflites and Seaflites. For lovers of classic tall sided boats, these were beautifully colored and appointed.

1962 Models
Nearly all 1962 Glastrons would adopt this style. The Jetflite returned in all its glory with very little change. Big news was the new inboard Sabreflite. These are quite rare and desirable. To some these are the most desirable of all classic Glastrons due to the inboard engine.

1963 Models
Very rare and something I've never come across is the 1963 Jetflite with the hard body colored toneau cover for the rear seats. Find one of these and you've got something very rare and special.

1963 Jetflite with optional hard toneau cover.

The very desirable Saberflite returns and with some neat new colors too.

1964 Models
The recommended collectibles Jetflite and Saberflite return for 1964 and new
for 1964 is the Futura 500, a great looking sterndrive model destined to be another hot collectible.
Seen on the cover of the '64 catalog and at the bottom of this inside catalog page, with it's
neat design at the stern and all over this is a great classic to seek.

1965 Models
The Jetflite was back again and the Futura 500 too in an even hotter design and sharp red colors.
Sadly, the Saberflite, which had many waterskiing championships won behind it, didn't return, but it's short 3 year run makes it a rare top Glastron collectible.


1966 and beyond